The Career Road Map Assignment Essay

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For the career road map assignment, I decided to interview a friend, athlete, coach, and counselor at lafayette high school. The interview consisted of what his career path has been leading up to where he currently is in his career. Daniel majored in counselling at UTC in downtown Chattanooga. While he was in grad school for counselling MA, Daniel worked at a running shoe store named FastBreak Athletics in Chattanooga. He eventually ended up being a sales rep for the company and travelled to different events to market/sell different types of running gear at expos or to different storefronts.
But through his connections in the sport industry, he moved into coaching and counselling at lafayette high school after he got his masters in counselling. I hope to do something of the sort with a graduate degree in either business administration, or physical education. Daniel told me, “although the requirements and majors are important for your career, it is super important to network and make connections with a lot of people. In nowadays society, it is all about who you know that can help you get your foot in the door. So the first strategy is to make connections. The second strategy is to be well educated on the subject. The third strategy is to develop good people skills and to relate well to a lot of people. Fourth is to not get discouraged in not getting many call backs for jobs in my field. It is an incredibly competitive field to go into. Daniel also began to tell me how

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