What Is Jean Watson's Caring Theory

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The Caring Theory of Nursing Oluwakemi Ajiboye Kaplan University The writer of this paper believes that caring is the basis for the decisions that nurses make in their daily practice. Health care professionals such as nurses care a lot about their clients or patients. Reflection makes nurses to care for their patients successfully while increasing their empathy for future practice. Nursing is linked to the concept of care “as nurses provide nursing care in order to help people promote and maintain their health as well as to care for individuals and families during illness, disability, and ordeal” (Sapountzi-Krepia et al., 2013 p. 393). This paper will focus on the development of the Jean Watson’s theory using the four stages of …show more content…

This is considered a unique way of coping with the environment. Actual caring occasion involves actions and choices made by the nurse and the individual (Watson, 2016) The transpersonal concept is a relationship or interaction in which the nurse affects and is affected by the person of the other (Watson, 2016) (DiNapoli, Nelson, Turkel, & Watson, 2010) described the ten carative processes that redefine the science of caring which are – “Practice loving kindness, Decision making, Instill faith and hope, Teaching and learning, Spiritual beliefs and practices, Holistic care, Helping and trusting relationship, Healing environment, Promote extension of feelings and Miracles” (p.17) Testing The theory of caring can be used in practice. The writer of this paper adopted this theory in nursing care by discussing with patients their plan of care , the theorist used Watson’s (2011) carative factor that suggest teaching patients according to their learning styles and level of education. The writer made sure the language used was fully understood by patients. After patient’s recovery, the plan of care and diagnosis were emphasized to patient in order to check for proper understanding. Through this explanation of plan of care, emotional needs were satisfied. Watson (2011) recommended helping building trust and relationship, the writer was able to establish trusting, caring relationship with patient by addressing

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