The Carnivel Short Story

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It was a cold and dark night at the carnivel.There were these two brothers who would do anything to help there family out. While the two brothers was waiting for there little sister to get off the roller coaster. They heard this group of people talking about an invention that would make millions of dollars.When the men walked off the roller coaster ride was done the younger brother Jay said to his older brother Tim to take there little sister Mary to the food stand. And he would get the million dollar investment. Jay followed the group of guys to the abandon mirrior maze From the corner of the mirrior he saw the group of guys.So he hid behind the broken mirrior for cover when the group of men left he notice one bald guy standing with a silver briefcase. He kick the mirrior sitting behind him and grabbed a piece of glass when the bald man went to go check it out Jay stabbed the man in the leg with the broken shard of glass.Then jay jumped on his back and locked his hands around the mans neck and choked him intel he passed out.After the man passed out Jay grabbed the brifecase and ran.But suddenly he got stuck in the dark ally way of the carnivel.When he turned around he say two bodyguards of the bald guy.One of the bodyguards said give me the briefcase you little brat.Jay replied with wow it really takes two big idiots to take on one kid i guess it makes sence because yall share the same half a brain. A siren went off the two bodyguards ran when Jay looked around the corner

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