The Case Against Homework. In Recent Years, The Abolition

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The Case Against Homework In recent years, the abolition of homework has been a hotly debated topic in the educational field. During the early 20th century, educators held the belief that homework strengthened students minds and created a sense of responsibility as well as developed good time management skills. However, in recent years, growing concerns that homework interferes with home activities and takes valuable free time out of student’s lives have gotten more and more attention. Research has also shown that excessive amounts of homework has lead to tremendous amounts of stress for students, as well as parents. In China, unfinished and excessive amounts of homework has lead students to commit suicide. Schools assign and expect too…show more content…
For example, from my own experience, my friends who have taken United States History this year constantly complain about the amount of homework that is assigned, and as a result, despise that teacher as well as the subject material and have developed a sense of apathy for the class as a whole. On top the sense of distaste towards the subject, the homework doesn’t have an educational value even when it is done. One of its purposes is to give additional learning opportunities to students who do not fully grasp the information. Too often, large quantities of homework force students to copy other student 's work just to complete it in a timely manner so that they can receive credit for another’s work, which does not benefit the student’s learning. This is opposite effect of what homework is supposed to have. It is especially tough for younger students from low-income families who do not have a parent to assist them with their homework or to help develop their learning at home. Without a parent to help them, these economically-disadvantaged students will fall behind the learning curve and will not develop skills as fast or as fully as other kids and will struggle throughout their entire educational career. With all the fundamental problems with homework, why do we still practice it as a society? There are a few alternatives to homework, including stopping homework
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