The Case Between The Company Apple And The Fbi

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The case between the company Apple and the FBI was caused by tragic event, the FBI needed an iPhone unlocked from a know shooter of a mass shooting in California. Syed Farook worked as an environmental health specialist for the San Bernardino County in California. Farook went to a Christmas party that was hosted by his job, he later shot and killed 14 and injured 22. The probable motive to Farook rampage was told on social media belong to his wife Tashfeen Malik. Malik stated that she didn 't think a Muslim should be forced to participate in a non-Muslim holiday event. After the shooting Farook and Malik was later killed by police during a standoff. When law enforcement search Farook and his property they discovered his iPhone. The FBI …show more content…

While espionage a crime of spying that only protects the federal government for the transferring state secrets on behalf of a foreign country, but if this only protects the government information Apple’s customers are not allowed the same protection. Especially if they pay for the service of protection that Apple promises in their policy. Forcing Apple to enable hacking can compromise the privacy of many users in order to assist the government, and it can also so effect their business and their customer’s personal information. The FBI reasoning’s behind the need to have a master key is also due to the U.S Patriot Act. The U.S. Patriot Act states that the law is intended to help government agencies detect and prevent possible acts of terrorism, or sponsorship of terrorist groups. Another issue is the paid for third-party that assisted the FBI in unlocking Farook 's phone, if a third agency could easily bypass apple 's software than the master key program that the FBI persuaded Apple to develop could be exploited by others. Criminals, domestic and foreign agency to these features by a mass surveillance system, through this national trade and secrets could be accessed by the wrong hands. The master key program is only a beneficial program to the government instead of Apple due to the fact the government could

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