The Case For Scam An Insurance Company By Staging Pitezel's Death

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Holmes decides to convince Pitezel to take out a very large life insurance policy to scam an insurance company by staging Pitezel’s death and substituting another corpse in his place, which he assured Pitezel he would had no trouble getting ahold of. In all reality, this was Holmes’ way of getting out of the predicament he had put himself in by trusting someone too much. In November of 1893, Holmes and Pitezel leave Chicago to travel across the country and commit frauds along the way. In July of 1894, Holmes attempts to swindle another pharmacy in Saint Louis, Missouri, just as he had done when he first got to Chicago. This time, on the other hand, it does not work out for Holmes. Holmes, for the first time ever in his criminal career, he is behind bars. While in jail, he meets Marion Hedgepeth, whom he shared a jail cell with. Holmes shares the insurance swindle plan with Hedgepeth, who “gave Holmes the name of a twisted attorney that could put over an insurance swindle” (Hounded to death by ghosts of the castle he built, 1914, p. 19, col. 1-7). Holmes promises Hedgepeth five hundred dollars for the hook up with the attorney if the attorney can make the plan happen. Holmes ends up being bailed out of prison by his third wife, Georgianna Yoke, after Holmes told her false reasons why he was arrested in the first place. Once again, Holmes has received another lucky charm where he could have been in jail for much longer, and perhaps put away forever. Several weeks later,

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