The Case : Michelle Knight

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The case: Michelle Knight
Michelle knight is a 34 year old Caucasian women who was born April 1981, later on moving to Cleveland Ohio where she was raised (Knight, 2015). Growing up she recalls not having a good relationship with her mother, she remembers “a chaotic childhood marked by neglect and abuse” (Connors, 2014). In school she was bullied and eventually sexually assaulted “By a group of males “resulting in her dropping out of school and later finding out her had become pregnant as a result of the assault (DURANTE, ROBSON & WARREN, 2013). Soon after she gave birth to a baby boy she named joey, when joey was around two years old he was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken leg, Michelle stated that her mother’s boyfriend purposely did it while under the influence of drugs. (Anderson, 2013).Child protective services was called and joey was temporarily taken out of Michelle’s custody until further notice (Anderson, 2013).
On August 23, 2002 Michelle had a mandatory meeting with child protective services in order to have joey placed back in her care, already late for court she stopped and asked for directions from a stranger later identified as Ariel Castro ( Connors, 2014).). She was lured into his car with fake intensions of him dropping her off at her appointment, instead he drove to his house where he then held her captive for the next eleven years (Connors, 2014). Michelle was forcefully “restrained and imprisoned”, raped multiple times a day,

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