The Case Of Estelle V. Gamble Essay

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There are many healthcare disparities through out a variety of populations in the United States. People face difficulties and disparities getting quality health care for many different reasons such as race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs and various other reasons. One population that has numerous health care issues and disparities is the incarcerated population. This population stood out to me because there is a mixture of all kinds of people (races, genders, age, etc.) living in close and often overcrowded spaces. This is a complex problem because not only is there a lot of diversity but also jails were not meant to accommodate everybody’s medical specific issues. If someone were to commit a minor crime and has an untreated health issue while in jail it could be very serious or even become a death sentence. Currently there are over 2.3 million people in American prisons and jails at any given point, but 11 million people a year will cycle through the system (Wagner, 2016). In the case of Estelle v. Gamble dating back to 1976, it was established that under the eight and fourteenth amendments a prisoner had rights to medical care. (Oyez, 2016) The term health disparity describes the differences in treatment and services of illness, disability, injury or mortality by a certain population (Artiga, 2016). Mental health, addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, communicable diseases and chronic conditions are all significant disparities that affect the

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