The Case Of Integrity Staffing And Relationships Between People

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Laws are an important part of our lives that can either protect us or hurt us depending on what we are trying to do and what we want. A law is system of rules that is designed to regulate actions and relationships between people. Laws are generally created for the benefit of the whole and for the right treatment of people. There are not always clear laws about every issue and when people feel like they have been treated wrong they can sue someone in a court to establish justice. Courts have jurisdiction which is power to make legal decisions. Workers at the Amazon warehouses were upset by the unpaid screening at the end of their shifts which resulted in many lawsuits against the company’s policies. Many of workers at the Amazon’s …show more content…

Busk, like many other workers, felt that he was treated wrong while the company wanted to maximize production at minimum the costs.
In this case Busk is the plaintiff who filed a complaint against Integrity Staffing Solutions who is the defendant. The Seventh Amendment guarantees the right to a jury trial which led Busk’s 2010 claim into trial over the unpaid screenings. The case lasted a long time and in that time reached appeal court and later the Supreme Court. During this time many similar allegations occurred by Amazon warehouse workers and their cases were put on hold waiting for the decision of the Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk case. Similar cases against different companies will also be affected by this court decision.
When Busk decided to sue Integrity Staffing Solutions he got a lawyer who was familiar with the processes and could help him navigate through all the steps. To start, there are two types of court systems: state which consists of trial courts and appellate courts and federal which holds the highest court U. S. Supreme Court. Busk’s case was big and would affect many workers so the case went to the federal court system. The appellate court has decided for the case of Busk v. Integrity to go on further and it reached the Supreme Court where the final ruling will take place.
The federal court system deals with cases that involve laws,

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