The Case Of Roe V. Wade

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On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court, on the case of Roe v Wade, ruled to legalize abortion in all fifty US states. Forty two years after this decision, approximately 56 million abortions have been performed in the US alone and this number continues to climb drastically day to day. For some individuals, this number is simply not enough. For example, in her article, It Is Time to Integrate Abortion into Primary Care, Susan Yanow argues the case that abortion is here to stay. With this observation, she further believes that the procedure should be made more available to all women, and likewise, any physician should be easily allowed to perform abortions. Susan Yanow begins by advocating for the increased availability of procuring abortions for all women no matter their income, location, or age. She offers a complaint against the many barriers for woman to obtaining an abortion, “State restrictions… create almost insurmountable barriers to access, especially for rural, young, and low-income women.” Yanow argues that women should not have to travel long distances or deal with unnecessary requirements in order to “get the reproductive health care they need.” She resolves this by insisting on integrating abortion into primary care in such a way that family physicians at home be allowed to perform first trimester abortions. As one continues through the article, Yanow’s position becomes increasingly clear. She points out that most primary care clinicians already have the

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