The Case With Paul Spector

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Most people think that great people with great minds will do great thing. For instance, Alexander Graham Bell, a scientist who invented the telephone. However, this is not the case with Paul Spector. Even thought he has great minds but being a serial killer is not what great people do.
Paul Spector was born in 1979. He is a father of 2 kids, Nick and Carla. His family died when he was 2 years old due to an accident. Then he grew up in an orphanage in the north of England. During the period of 6 years in the orphanage, he had lived a very terrible life due to child abuse; however, that entire event didn’t make him give up about his life. On the other hand, he got the Ph.D. in psychology at age of 27 and started working as grief counselor and marriage counselor. His wife, Clair, is a registered nurse in prenatal care department in hospital and she usually work over night, so she doesn’t see him that often at night during bed time. Sometime, Paul works over night also. Everything about Paul makes him look like a perfect father, but who knows that he is a serial killer at night.
Topic 1
Paul Spector’s life has been very rough since the beginning. He lost his parent when he was 2 years old. He was took care by his uncle, who was a drunkard. After several years, his uncle gave him up to the orphanage in the North of England, because he couldn’t take care of Paul anymore. While being here, Paul had experienced the worse time of his life. He was abused by the nun and bullied by the…
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