The Case for Contamination, by Kwame Anthony Appiah

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In the article, “The Case for Contamination”, by Kwame Anthony Appiah, the author focused on globalization and its effects on the world. He stressed how new innovations and traditions, rooted from modernization, are essentially contaminating age-old customs and values. Appiah used examples from his personal experiences to illustrate the shift from traditional customs to modern practices within cultures. Although the author explained how globalization adversely affects traditional values and cultures, he also stressed the importance of free will and that ultimately, the people choose which course of action globalization will take on humanity. Though that may be true, the fact still remains that the world is being contaminated with new, modern innovations and values, and globalization is negatively affecting society.
The world consists of almost 200 countries. Within those countries, you find millions of people from all shapes, colors, and sizes. They may look different, think differently, wear peculiar clothing, and even speak another language, but as humans, though we may fear it, we find that exciting--experiencing something outside of our comfort zone. With globalization, new technologies and ideologies become prevalent and traditional practices become almost extinct. In the article, Appiah discussed his first-hand experience on the effects of globalization in his home country of Ghana. He attended a ceremony where he assumed traditional festivities would take place, but

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