The Castro Regime And The LGBT Community

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Not only did the Castro Regime harass the LGBT community, they imprison many of the openly homosexual people. During the decades of the 1960s “which was precisely when all the new laws against homosexuals came into being, the sexual act became taboo while the “new man: was being proclaimed and masculinity exalted(Arenas). Life for any person that practice homosexuality was tough as a result the fear of imprisonment was their greatest concern. “All homosexual acts were deemed illegal and punishable by years in jail. By 1964, young men were even being persecuted for having long hair and wearing tight-fitting pants” (New World Encyclopedia). “The Castro government continued to enforce the Public Ostentation Law following the Revolution. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, gay men were routinely imprisoned for soliciting sex in public locations, government workers lost their jobs because of their homosexuality, and homosexual artists were censored”( COHA). Eventually, every gay writer and artist was "parameterized." That is, they received a telegram stating that their behavior did not fall within the political and moral parameters necessary for their jobs. Despite all homosexual people that have been affected by the laws that were decreed by the government, the artist and writers were often targeted by the government the most. Thus, this could be because they have a way to express their oppression through art or writings. By prevent artists and writers to continue expressing

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