The Catholic Church Should Accept That Gay Marriage

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The Catholic Church should accept that gay marriage is morally acceptable and doesn’t contradict their beliefs. Gay marriage has been a topic of controversy ever since the 1970’s. May of 1970 to be exact. Around This time two men named Richard John 'Jack ' Baker and James Michael McConnell in Minnesota applied to Hennepin County District Court clerk Gerald Nelson for a marriage license. They were denied because they both were men. This issue of two people of the same sex getting married is still a topic of debate to a lot of people even after the U.S. Supreme court made gay marriage legal in all 50 states in 20151. The Catholic Church teaches to treat homosexuals with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. That every act of hate, violence, and persecution toward them is condemned. The Church doesn’t view homosexuals no poorly than they do everyone else but it is their views on marriage that are in question. They believe that all sexual activity outside of marriage as a sin and an immoral act. So, if we restrict marriage from homosexuals then if they are in a sexual relationship with another they are in turn an immoral person. Therefore, the Catholic Church should view gay marriage the same as heterosexual marriage, with reverence and sanctity. Marriage, also known as the matrimonial covenant, is to establish a partnership between a man and a woman for the entirety of their lives and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation
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