The Cause And Effects Of Racial Discrimination In Health Care

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Before Reading: I predict this essay will be about racial discrimination in health care. The title states "Leads to Worse Care for Minorities" gives an impression that an individuals ethnicity can affect how one is treated. Furthermore, the photo shows African American women sitting in a wheelchair alone and doesn't seem to be taken care of.

The subtitle gives a sense of the natural aspect of minorities being judge and discriminate for their race, even in the care of a hospital.

The author's writing style is bias and unique since as he organizes his ideas based on personal experiences and facts. In the beginning, the author depicts his ideas with stylistic techniques such as allusion where he references the title of the American Medical Association. On the other hand, Schroeder utilized repetition to emphasize and highlight on minor details of racial bias in medicine. Furthermore, the author displays an abundance of examples that commonly stood out to prove his opinion that it's being presented. Not to mention, Schroeder had recapped personal experience as a supporting argument to tie it back to the predominant argument. Overall, the author adopted these writing styles to engage and draw concern for the racial bias in medicine.

The primary method of development for this article is cause and effect. While the author displays the result of racial discrimination in medicine and how it can determine one's health. This causes many problems among individuals as these health

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