The Cause And Effects Of Stress On High School Students

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Teens have to deal with a lot in their everyday lives but one thing that most students almost always have to deal with is stress. Stress can come from about anything that individual person finds hard, frustrating, or scary. There are many effects to have heavy stress on yourself, all the way from just having minor stress sweat to having long term effects such as chronic depression.

The Cause and Effect of Stress on High School Students

Stress is mostly a physical response in the body, humans start to produce a larger amount of certain chemicals and hormones like adrenaline. Thirty percent of teens reported to have high levels of stress as a result of school and 31% reported being overwhelmed or sad because of school.Another 31% of teens said their stress level went up or were sure it would go up in the coming year. Even though so many teens reported to be so stressed very few said they had the time to try and manage it.(Teen Stress.)
One major cause of stress for some teens is past/present learning disorders. Studies show that if a child has or had learning disorders in the past that this will raise their stress levels in high school. School transitions such as moving from grade to grade or being with upperclassmen or even having to interact with other teens while moving from class to class can cause stress for learning disabled teens. Teens that are aware of their disorders also have higher stress levels because they have fear of

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