The Cause And Effects Of The Cold War

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The Cold War is a period of the history of international relations, which formally began in 1946 after the speech of Winston Churchill and ended in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR, the Interior Ministry and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. This period, I believe, is very dangerous for all mankind, because it put the world on the brink of a nuclear war that would entail the disappearance of mankind.
In this essay I will try to examine what were the causes of cold war, if there any particular person who could cause an aggravation in relations between the two powers - America and the USSR
The rivalry between the two strongest countries of the world at that time gradually developed into a fierce confrontation in all spheres - economic, social, political and ideological. Both states created military-political associations (NATO and the Warsaw Pact), forced the growth of nuclear missiles and conventional weapons, and also constantly took covert or explicit participation in virtually all local military conflicts on the planet.
In my opinion, the explosion in the sphere of international relations was to no small extent promoted by the rise of the power of the USSR and its transformation into the main actor of international politics after the war, as well as the US desire to consolidate world leadership and create a world based on American values, opponents (European states, like the USSR, lay in ruins after the war, while other countries at that time could not even

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