The Cause Of Violence In The Media Cause Juvenile Violence?

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When we talk about juvenile violence in the 1990’s, we must remember the scenario. Violent teens were all over the place and the number of murders committed by teenagers had nearly doubled in the past ten years and even politicians were freaking out a little warning about how violent teens were going to take over society (Regoli, Hewitt, and Delsi, 2014). Okay, maybe it was not that dramatic, but it was a scary time. Between 1996-1999 there were at least ten school shootings (Bartol and Bartol, 2014). However, could violent video games and movies be enough to provoke violent behavior from the juveniles engaged in them? Social learning theory has been referenced countless times by theorists trying to understand where people learn behavioral habits and morals from, and I do not think this is any different. I believe that having so many negative influences constantly expressing violent behavior could be enough to contribute to violent thoughts that lead into violent actions. However, I do not believe that the mere presence of violence in the media is enough to promote someone to be violent in school. Like mentioned above in question one, we cannot link behavior back to one cause. But, even as recently as 2013, 77% of parents blame violent video games being the root cause of violent behavior (Freeman). Our text references multiple studies about whether violence in the media causes violent adolescents, but the final determination is that it can promote aggressive
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