The Cause and Effect of Low Moral in the Workplace

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Morale is a vital component of any organization or business, for it to thrive and achieve success. When morale is low in your workplace, it can adversely affect productivity and the overall success of your company. There are many issues that cause low morale in the workplace; increased turnovers, decreases in productivity and overall employee dissatisfaction are all implications that negatively affect the overall operation of a corporation. It can be very challenging for mangers and even the human resource department to find the core cause of low employee morale. Unfortunately, external and internal factors influence much of the decline in morale that occurs in a corporation. When you look at the dynamics of a corporation and
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Annual evaluation are intended to judge an employee’s productivity levels and used as tool to improve their weaknesses. At the same time, they are used to compliment on the employee’s strength.
When conducting performance appraisals, it is important to provide an honest assessment of the employee 's performance. It is essential the manager consider her own biases that might affect her judgment of the worker 's performance. Preparation for the performance appraisal should also be an ongoing process. Because managers usually only remember the latest actions, it is imperative that they maintain ongoing documentation of each employee 's performance on a day-to-day basis. This documentation should consist of evidence of both positive and negative activities when applicable. Nothing should be overlooked or discarded if the manager hopes to perform an ethical performance appraisal. (Webster, 1999)
The annual appraisal is very important to the organization if it is used accurately, consistently, fairly and objectively. When appraisals are administered in an unethical manner, it can cause employees to have negative attitudes, which can result to low morale in an organization. Therefore, conducting effective appraisal should be a concern to an organization. This is a time for employees and managers to communicate in a positive environment and to reinforce what the employee is doing right and to identify and to correct their weaknesses. (pg.
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