The Causes And Effects Of Fossil Fuels

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Humanity has had thousands of years on Planet Earth to indulge in the many resources Earth has to offer. Over the years of trial and error within industry, innovation, and creation, humanity began to destroy the planet without recognizing the dangers that would come to be in later years. Causes and effects of pollution became increasingly aware to the population, as respiratory diseases began to rise in numbers. Pollution is the product of human industry. Innovators are forced to find new ways to keep up with the rapid growth of the population by any means resulting in the deterioration of Earth and its exhaustible resources. The environment and the population has suffered from many negative influences that must be prevented in order to ensure the existence of future generations. Industry and the population is highly dependent upon fossil fuels. Though greener alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels have been presented, none have been nearly as efficient enough as the burning of fossil fuels. Emission testing for gas-powered forms of transportation have helped to reduce excessive carbon dioxide levels into the atmosphere, though total emissions increased in the United States from 1990 to 2007 (Rogers). The burning of fossil fuels has remained the most efficient source of energy for years. As the population continues to grow, an increased dependency on fossil fuels will also continue to grow. According to a source from Bizfluent from the U.S Energy Information

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