The Causes And Effects Of The Korean War

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The Korean War
Korea is a small country located in Asia. Its peninsula is surrounded by China to the northwest,Russia to the northeast and Japan to the east. Due to Korea’s size and the location, it only made it vulnerable target for many in the East. For many years, Korea have been under control by Japan. After the defeat of Axis powers during World War II, Korea have finally liberated from Japan. The peninsula was divided at the 38th parallel as it was temporarily administered by USSR and the USA. So, how did the Korean War get started? USSR seeked communism in North Korea, which the US found dangerous since the Communist Manifesto. America was determined to hold an election to create a form of government to reunite Korea. However the negotiation did not settle the issue of divided Korea. United Nation steps in, plans to remove foreign troops and temporarily establish UN commission for Korea. Unfortunately, Soviet Union disagrees with the United Nations decision and permanently establish communism in North Korea, while South Korea are supported by the United States. The Korean War was immediately caused when Kim Il-sung, first leader of North Korea, attempts to unify Korea under his authority. The Korean War have brought impacts to many different countries that participated in the war. Korea looked devastating after the war, United States proved they are the world power, Soviet Union protected communism in North Korea, and China have developed feeling of hostility

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