The Causes Of Addiction In Pop Culture And The Media

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In American society, pop culture and the media hold heavy influences over citizens and the government. We have a mixture of cultures in America, but one thing has been prevalent for decades. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs have always had a prodigious place in American society. We promote the consumption of these substances in commercials, songs, movies, etc. We as a people are responsible for the power that these substances have. Despite this, we ridicule those who consume them. Of course, there is a line where consumption becomes addiction, but society is still in some way responsible for driving someone to addiction. Liquor, drugs, and cigarettes are glorified and despised in America and they also have a heavy influence over many …show more content…

This means that viewers can easily be entranced by all the artistic and romantic elements that are presented to them. Liquor and drugs are glorified in numerous popular songs and those numbers will only continue to grow. The target audience is typically a younger age group because this demographic is dominantly motivated by popular trends. With continuous exposure to these videos, there is a higher chance that people will be influenced to increase their amount of alcohol consumption.
Society undermines these ads just as it undermines the promotion of various medicines on the market. Unaware of the dangers caused by pharmaceutical drugs, consumers are encouraged to purchase medications that are capitalistically endorsed. Pharmaceutical businesses and the government suggest that there are minor flaws with prescription drugs, but ultimately, they are safe to use. Although the marketing and promotional techniques for pharmaceuticals are completely different when compared to illegal substances, they are still extremely similar to one another. Several pharmaceuticals are just as addicting as any illegal drug and they are just as profitable as well. The social obligation and influence to increase the use of drugs or alcohol are overwhelming factors in most individuals. Overall, drug and alcohol addiction causes an impact on social systems and structure. Social impacts

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