The Causes Of College Stress In College

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College Stress
After graduating from high school many youngsters have the option to directly enter the work force. The majority of individuals who have the opportunity,nevertheless, decide to go to college before finding a job. The reality is that, they face lots of college stress, and some college students usually claim restate in English. For me personally, there are many stresses in college, such as family’s financial, a each of time management, the stress of learning itself, and many more. In fact, college has many pressures and challenges.

First, while attending college, students’ family financial will contributes to more stresses, and they need face a expensive payment. The majority of parents begin to have the pressure on …show more content…

Next, management is more than important for college, but not having time management skills may also be a stress in college. Quite a few individuals who have a job, and they also need to look after their families. For example, when some people enter the work force, they are required to go back to college and continue to gain relevant knowledge. Therefore, they need to complete working in the companies, they also need keep their studying every day. Sometimes, they needed to work in company, and also needed to do school work, so they have lots of stress in life. As a consequence, they need to keep working , and keep studying. On other hand, some students have already a babies, they need to tend to their children. Sometimes, the other families also do not have time, so they need to look after their babies. When they went back to home, they have to finish their assignments, and also need to look after their baby. Family, working, school work all are important for students, they will be very stressful. As a result, they can not pour attention into their classes. Time management will become an issue for a few people.

School assignments are difficult, such as homework amount, not understanding content, and language barrier. For a college student, many concepts are first learned by people ,so they are usually mot understanding these contents. For example, some mathematical issues are hard understanding for students, they usually need to ask teachers or classmates to

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