The Causes Of Global Warming

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Global Warming
Global Warming is an important topic and it’s something everyone needs to look into. It can cause a lot of problems and damage. A decade ago, the idea of global warming probably wasn’t much of a concern. In this essay, the things that will be addressed are why global warming is important- the evidence, what causes it and the effects of it, the impact how we can prevent it, and other information on it. Global warming is the increase in temperature of earth’s atmosphere. Earth's climate has changed throughout history. Many different types of information have been collected about our planet and the climate, it’s also shown the signals of a changing climate. Global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, decreased snow cover, rising sea level, and much more has been shown as evidence for rapid climate change (NASA) The Earth’s atmosphere is like a greenhouse, as it stays relatively warm. Once it starts to cool down most of the heat is released but some of the heat is trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There a lot of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide in the air so the greenhouse effect keeps getting stronger Most of the greenhouse gases are the result of burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gasoline. We rely heavily on burning fossils fuels, which we use to make electricity, and that’s the largest source of heat-trapping pollution. There is plenty of evidence to show that climate change and global warming is a serious issue. A

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