The Causes Of Global Warming

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Temperatures are rising, storms are crashing down in our homes, and illnesses are affecting everyone all around us. Imagine these threatening matters approaching our life in the nearby future. The causes of these matters are due to global warming. Global warming occurs through the continuing increase in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere due to the trigger of high levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Global warming is strongly associated with the greenhouse effect and the gases. Other examples include the effects of what global warming does, which vary. A few common issues are floods and droughts caused by an increase in temperature. Global warming remains slowly damaging our planet in ways that can be potentially fatal to all living organisms in it.
The greenhouse effect is widely known, but regularly misunderstood. The greenhouse effect is the absorption of sunlight, radiated back to the atmosphere as a longer wavelength reflecting back on Earth as heat energy. The concentration of heat energy makes the Earth warmer raising our daily problems. The effect takes place in six steps. Solar radiation first reaches the Earth’s atmosphere where some is reflected back into space. The sun’s energy is absorbed by land and oceans, heating the Earth overall. Heat radiates from earth towards space. Several of the heat is trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, keeping the Earth warm enough to sustain life. Human contribution to global warming increases the amount of
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