The Causes Of Haiti's Underdevelopment

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It is an established understanding that the progression of society in terms of growth and development have been shaped vastly in both physical and social aspects. Although the flow of progression is continuous in developed societies, it is evident that certain countries are not progressing as they are affected by the outcomes of poverty. These countries are more greatly impacted when natural disasters occur as they lack in infrastructure, have weak buildings, crowded population densities and have poor support from the government (Cite 1).
In 2010, Haiti experienced an earthquake, leaving the capital, Port au Prince and the surrounding cities devastated. This took the lives of many individuals and shook the country physically and
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Amartya Sen, an economist and international development theorist, found that the development of any nation is based the ideological principles of education, health and income. Modernization theory emphasizes that the underdevelopment of a nation is due to the solidification of tradition values, and the concurrent disregard for the need for modern education practices. The impact of this is seen through the thoughts by Isbister who states while the third world is out of commitment towards areas of science and technology, countries on the northern hemisphere are showing prosperity both economically and in quality of life (Isbister). Education is a vital catalyst to initiate growth in a country’s level of infrastructure. Educated individuals become aware of scientific and technical knowledge that leads to a more skilled population/workforce, which developed nations relay on in our current industrialized economy. According to David Brooks, Haiti’s deprived level of development is due to its lacking primitive infrastructure. Brooks argues that “. It’s a story about poorly constructed buildings..[and] bad infrastructure”(Brooks). It can be said the poor infrastructure in Haiti is due to the inability to create quality buildings and other stable components with the level of qualified personal. This could be due to the lack of education practices, emphasized by Brooks. Brooks mentioned that “child-rearing
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