The Causes Of Racial Inequality In The United States

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Racial Inequality
Racial inequality had always been a problem since 1500 up until to this day. Stereotyping was the underlying cause of racial inequality because it caused some races to feel superior to other races. Slavery happened because indentured servants led to Bacon’s Rebellion, which made the planters to not use indentured servants anymore. With that said, they started using Native Americans but they eventually diminished due to diseases. The planter then turned their attention to Africans to use as slaves to work on their plantations. Bacon’s Rebellion was a significant event that started racial inequality. Class inequality was more based on superiority. White people wanted to demonstrate their power through social classes. This then led to segregation and discrimination among the African Americans.
Bacon's Rebellion was the launching point that caused colored people to be enslaved and caused the slavery in history. Plantation owners started off using indentured servants but due to high mortality rate, the numbers drastically decreased. Plantation owners look towards Native Americans as new replacements but instead of being known as indentured servants they were identified as slaves. Ira Berlin stated that planters desired Africans as workers due to their immunity to diseases at the time. Slaves were being used to boost the economy of whites while they were suffering and not earning enough money to survive and have a better life.
Class inequality gave white people

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