The Causes Of Radiation

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Radiation is the reactions caused by kinetic energy passing from one place to another. Radiation has been part of the human environment since the existence of Earth. Some sources of radiation are natural. However, others are artificial. Terrestrial sources of radiation are natural and come from the earth. They originate from radioactive materials in the earth's crust. The sun's rays are also a natural form of radiation called cosmic rays. (Statkiewicz-Sherer, 2017). Artificial sources of radiation create Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that are created by humans. EMF's could be hazardous to people who come in close contact with them. X-rays and gamma rays carry ionizing radiation and have the highest charge. Non-ionizing radiation also referred as mid frequency radiation found in devices people use every day. Low-frequency radiation found in household appliances, Television signals, and local wireless networks is also known as background radiation. (Electro Magnet Fields and Cancer, 2016).
Radios and Televisions Radios and Televisions found in homes around the world use electromagnetic radio waves to receive broadcasting signals. Local broadcasts use Frequency-modulated radio signals and antennas with frequencies that are below EMF regulation limits. These antennas are usually near areas accessible to the general population they do produce hazardous levels of EMF's. Amplitude-Modulated (AM) radio signals are used to broadcast over a long distance and use large

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