The Causes Of Social Inequality In The United States

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Social inequality in the United States is not only evident but increasing, as the disparities between those in higher class versus those in poverty are noticeable in the daily lives of both groups and their subsequent offspring. Those in poverty struggle to survive while those in upper classes not only have enough for their wants and needs, but can provide the proper upbringing and opportunities for their children to remain in the upper class as well. These differences are caused by economic, cultural, and political factors that foster inequality. Economic factors that work as hindrances to one’s life and future are more common for those in lower classes. Cultural factors affect how one is looked at by others and this in turn can have influence over opportunities and networking. Additionally many of those in the lower echelons of society lack the political power to improve their situation due to barriers and lack of adequate public policy. Overall, social life for those in higher social class positions is easier in a variety of aspects because obstacles that many of those in poverty face are not an issue for those in the upper class, which causes social life for those in higher classes versus lower classes to not only be easier, but make social mobility more attainable. This difference is due to a myriad of economic, cultural, and political differences that sustain inequality in society.
A variety of economic barriers cause social life for people in poverty to be difficult
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