The Causes Of Teen Suicide In High School Students

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High School students are some of the highest rated teens to be susceptible to committing suicide. Teen suicide is definitely a growing concern due to the many pressures placed upon them to compete with their fellow classmates and the overall risk factors in their changing perceptions of competing for acceptance as a whole. Also, there are many factors that contribute to the rising number of suicides from bullying, sexual orientation, stress, and depression. The SAT and ACT Examination scores are just one tool used in academia and high schools to rate the overall knowledge of the students attending the school. The scores received are used to apply for colleges and universities. These scores do not always adequately show a student’s ability to socially or professionally outrank another student who may have received a lessor score due to test taking anxiety. Some students within my school of employment have shared that they may be having a day of not feeling well upon having to sit for a scheduled examination. This can occur among high school students who have to make an appointment to sit for the SAT or ACT Examination and sometime are not fully prepared due to a sickness (i.e. cold; flu), yet were made to take the test anyway as it may have been the only day that the test was being given. Thus, the student’s score was much lower than it could have been if the situation had changed for the better and the student was feeling 100% healthy. Research shows that the growing

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