The Causes Of The American Civil War

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Throughout history many civil wars occurred for many reasons, The U.S. Civil war were caused by the events in 1850s . The debate and conflict over of the North and South on Slavery,political decisions and economics lead to the civil war. Slavery was the significant contribution to the civil war as it led to the conflict in all systems. Since the Events in 1850s led to the increase in sectionalism and outbreaks of the U.S Civil war, events that were conflict over political decisions, slavery ideas, social and economic differences between the North and South. The Nullification Crisis created a huge controversy in the U.S as the Federal Government states taxes on imported goods affecting the South and suitable for the North leads an increase in sectionalism. Tariff act favored the North, creating sectional tension leading to the South considering Secession. The political decision are one sided in the views of the nation's leading to the believing they are not being listened to and being forced. The economic succession of the nation differed greatly so the federal government cannot sustain a clear answer to the debate. The tariff debate led to many changes and eventually created a balance to lower the conflict. The Nullification Crisis were considered to be a significant cause of the civil war as it attributed to the problems in political decision affecting one side of the nation. The louisiana purchase led to the problem of westward expansion, purchased

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