The Causes Of The Cold War

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The Cold War was an important phase in the history of international relations. In accordance with one of the etymological theories, the term “Cold War” was coined by a Spanish medieval writer Juan Manuel in the 14th century. However, he could not predict that the Cold War era would have largely affected the region, which was hugely influenced by his future descendants of Hispanic origin. The Cold War was an indirect confrontation between the two superpowers - the United States of America and the Soviet Union in the period of 1945 to 1991. Moreover, it was a struggle between two world systems: liberal capitalism and communism. The conflict never escalated into a direct war between the superpowers but both countries have been involved in numerous proxy wars throughout the globe. In Latin America, as in other Third World regions (Africa and Asia) the Cold War was occasionally very hot.
In this paper, I will argue that the nature of Latin American socialist movement significantly varied. Some movements were truly socialist and communist, notwithstanding, some of the revolutionary forces have manipulated the Cold War rhetoric in their national interests. Moreover, I will analyze the relationship of those movements with the USSR, which, from case to case, had its distinguish features. My essay will be structured in the following way. The first section will be devoted to the causes of Soviet involvement in Latin America and the USSR’s strategies disposable in the region. Secondly,

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