The Causes Of The Revolution, Louis XVI, And The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was the event were the people of France overthrew their king, Louis XVI (16th) and fought for more rights.The kingdom of France have been ruled for centuries under a regime of monarchy aristocrats and the church. There was a huge social divide between the wealthy and powerful clergy and nobility and the working people. 18th century Europe was seeing a growth in colonialism and many powers trying to come out on top. The French economy had growing pressures and bad harvests and ineffective tax systems which taxed the lower class. By 1787 king Louis xvi called together the upper class assembly of notables to address the growing french financial crisis but it was ineffective. As king louis did have supreme power and proposed to tax the noble but the assemblies of nobles refused to cooperate, they claimed louis need to bring together the estates general assembly to the three estates of France, The clergy, the notables, and the common people. That next summer in 1789, Louis assembled the estates general the clergy and the nobility wanted one vote per estate giving them a two to one advantage over the much bigger third estate of the common people. Obviously the third estate wanted to vote per person giving them the much bigger number and being much more democratic but the first two estates couldn't agree to this so the third estate began meeting independently in what became the National Assembly. The National assembly was to represent the people, not the

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