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University of Phoenix Material Week 5 Worksheet As you read this week’s required materials, complete this worksheet. This is a multipage assignment; double-check that you completed each page before submitting. Part I: Fill in the Blanks Fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences. Revolutionary France a. Burdened by debt from the Seven Years’ War and French support for the American Revolution, King Louis XVI needed to raise taxes, so he agreed to convene the Estates General, which met in 1789 at Versailles. Led by the Third Estates —those outside the aristocracy or church— a new national assembly was declared on June 17, 1789. Its members swore, in the Tennis Court Oath, to …show more content…

They demanded that priests and bishops swear to support the Civil Constitution and declared those who refused to take the oath were and prohibited them from conducting religious ceremonies. These actions convinced the , in February of 1791, to denounce the Civil Constitution and the . The National Constituent Assembly replaced the traditional provinces with , founded uniform courts, and established the system of measurement. f. The Constitution of 1791, adopted by the National Constituent Assembly, established a constitutional monarchy that limited many people, including all women, from voting. The new Legislative Assembly declared war on in 1792. The war initially went poorly, and revolutionaries grew more radical. On August 10, 1792, the people of Paris invaded the palace, forcing the king and queen to flee to the , which held them comfortably but did not allow them any political power. g. During the second revolution, the new radical government of Paris, the executed hundreds of criminals, calling them counterrevolutionaries, during the Massacres. This government forced the Legislative Assembly to call the , charged with writing a democratic

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