The Causes of Global Warming

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Throughout history, there has been three global warming’s. They occurred in 1850; from about 1860-1880, 1915-1945, and 1975-1978 (see graph). The current warming was thought to have been generated by the discharge by man of carbon dioxide. All three of these periods of warming were divided into a period of universal cooling. The warming/cooling cycles, and their conjoined change in rain patterns are called climate change. Climate change has been happening for the past 11,000 years since the last ice age. Research has recently shown that this abrupt curve is probably a product of what is known as the “heat island effect” rather than be just called global warming. Overall, at its simplest, “climate change”- is simply known as global warming and “climate disruption.” Reason it is called a climatic disruption is because a phenomenon occurs that cause’s weather arrangement and temperatures too change to quickly and unknowingly on a universal scale. Global Warming is an occurrence of increasing average air temperatures close to the Earth’s exterior for over the past two centuries. Since the 20th century, weather scientists have assembled studies of different weather occurrences such as; temperatures, rain, and different kinds of storms. Also studies on the Earth’s ocean currents and the atmosphere’s overall chemical arrangement. This…

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