The Censorship Of Canadian Content

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Rules revolving around Canadian Content (CanCon) have been set in place since the 1920’s. In 2005, revisions to the 1991 Broadcasting Act were made. Since this revision was made there have been further changes to the Act trying to create the best set of rules for CanCon to be broadcasted (Dewing, 2011). CanCon is an outdated concept that is causing consumers to switch to other forms of media. The CanCon rules cannot determine what is considered Canadian and they cannot keep up with the ever-changing forms of media. Canadian producers are only getting a slim portion of the industry even with the rules in place. Therefore CanCon rules should be totally eliminated.
While technology is getting better and people have begun streaming different forms of media online, the government has been slow on updating the rules that regulate broadcasted Canadian Content (Mejaski, 2011). Due to the rapid development of digital technology CanCon rules are now outdated. This is causing the distinction between broadcasting and telecommunications to be blurred. New technology has resulted in fragmentation. This refers to the idea that there are is a growing number of courses that now have to be regulated by CanCon (Dewig, 2011). With the world technologically progressing Canada has to focus on the idea that the world is becoming borderless. This idea comes from the thought that technology is bringing the world closer together because everyone is interconnected now. This will result in the power
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