The Center Of My Ecological Model Is Me

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CENTER At the center of my ecological model is me. I am a 41-year-old Mexican/Colombian female that has many roles. I am a wife, mother of two, rescue dog mom of three, daughter, aunt, college student, teacher assistant, scrapbooker, and friend. At the current moment I am not in good health because of a sinus infection. Overall though I do consider myself an active, healthy person who enjoys doing 5k charity walks and Mud Runs. I am a fun size 5’2’’ brunette with tan skin and unhappy with my current weight. My future goals are to graduate from CSUN with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development. I am not sure what my destiny will be after graduation. My husband and I love to travel so visiting new destinations is important for us. I consider myself a hard worker, determined to succeed, loyal, and love to have fun. These are all traits of my LEO sign. I volunteer for two organizations that are very important to me. The Green Bag Project assembles bags for homeless and Operation Gratitude creates care packages for our military.
In my microsystem is my core family which is my husband and children. They are my biggest supporters and inspiration. I also include my extended family which is close and far away because I like to stay in touch with everyone. CSUN is an important part of my microsystem because it is currently my main focus as a student and employee. I belong to the CADA (Child and Adolescent Development Association) here on campus. This club has really

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