The Challenges I Learned From Spanish To The Teacher

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When I was younger I had a hard time reading books, I don’t remember my parents ever reading me a book when I was younger and if they did, it was probably in Spanish. I remember some of the challenges I had to go through in school. I would speak Spanish to the teacher even if they only spoke English. I would ask for help but not everyone understood what I was asking for. It was in 2nd grade where I met my really good friend, he was the solution to all of my problems. He would translate what I had to say to the teacher. He was there to help me with my homework. He helped me read books, but I still felt that my English still wasn’t at the point where I felt comfortable talking to people. Then 3rd grade came along that was when I was put into the ELL program (English Language Learners) it helped me with pronouncing my words and structuring my sentences so that people would clearly understand what I was telling them. After that English wasn’t as difficult as before but my reading skills were something I still had to work on. …show more content…

In 4th and 5th grade the teacher started putting us into different reading levels and because I didn’t take reading seriously, my first reading levels were low. While reading in class I started noticing that there were some books that I didn’t enjoy reading. That was when I started recognizing the different types of books there were in the classroom. When I picking up a book there are some things I look for before reading it. I enjoy reading mystery books because they make me want to predict what is going to happen next and make me want to continue reading to see if what I predicted was right. I also like to read reviews about the books online. I tend to read books that other people think are great. Therefore depending if someone likes the book or not usually influences me to either pick up that book or put it

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