The Challenges Of Equal Ness

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The challenges of equal-ness In 2012, a young lady by the name Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head in Pakistan by Taliban gunmen, for speaking up for her rights, rights of women and wanting an education, to learn (NBC News, 2013). This was a story that has been played around the world. A story that could be looked at by women as a treat, or more as a time to stand and fight for their rights, the right to the same privileges as men. This young lady who lived through the pain, and near death experience has become a stand for women, not just to be educated, but the right for equal rights, to be fare. You then have the crisis of economics, food prices increasing and the difficulty in obtaining funds to feed ones family in certain …show more content…

Fighting for Equality is a fight for many around world. The question sits at, whom are we really fighting for justice, for equality? The right of sovereignty! The right for women to believe in sovereignty and equal rights as men can become somewhat challenging. The right to choose the food they eat, what is traded in the community, and how their money is divided and spent for the household, rights to control their land and food productions. Rights to help shield rural development, the right to choose organic farming practices; to promote rural0urban alliances and fair trade; allowed the option to reject to privatization of land, biofuels, genetically modified crops, single farming and agrochemical (Pamela Elisa, 2015). Challenges of food sovereignty and the peasant movement for women is the historic role of taking what one has and creating and regenerating supplies of goods through the collection trade and use of the most prized production, seeds. Seeds through the community, with out invisibility to hard work and labor that women have provided to try to stay relevant. Sovereignty and the peasant movement with organizations such as La Via Campesina [the worldwide farmer, peasant, and landless people movement] are fight for male to have the option and opportunity to cook and being identified in the kitchen as females being identified in the field. Being identified for the work they are doing to

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