The Challenges Of Shift Work

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The Challenges of Shift Work Over 20% of the workforce in the United States participates in shift work (Basner, 2005 as cited in Blachowicz & Letizia, 2006). Many occupations partake in shift work those include: nurses, policemen, and security guards a few of the occupations. What is shift work? Shift work is work performed outside the typical daytime hours of 7 a.m. to 6 a.m. (Blachowicz & Letizia, 2006). The increase in pay is one of the numerous benefits for shift work employees. Nevertheless, there are many obstacles that come with working outside of normal work hours. The Significance of Sleep The biggest consequence of shift work is the lack of sleep. Often defined as fatigue, which is a state of tiredness associated with extended periods of being awake (Blachowicz & Letizia, 2006). Fatigue has the potential to very harmful as is effects mood, judgement, and performance. Fatigue can lead to serious medical problems and effect daily routines. Shift workers often feel left of family activity due to their work schedule or lack of sleep. Finally, it can lead a decrease work productivity and performance. Chronic sleepiness is one of the conditions that can result from Sleep is vital process to keep the body functioning properly. These processes involve the immune system, growth and healing happen while the someone is asleep. Sleep is an active physiologic process that is fundamentally necessary for well-being and optimal functioning (Blachowicz & Letizia, 2006). There

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