The Challenges Of Social Inequality In American Society

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In American society, many groups of social class and race are dealing with social inequality caused by the one’s ability regarding privilege. The history of my life can trace back to the troubles in which society showcased my race as an Asian American male. With this in mind, my future was bright; however certain paths of my life were dealt with greater challenges that far exceeded my gender and class. A demonstration which showcases the impact towards individuals of race in the United States, and the use of “words” possibly the most potent harm to exist in society. Some believe the issues of privilege should not cause a large problem in our society, along with the disproved experiences towards individuals. Others believe that the recognition towards the racism in the English language should stop with the harm towards individuals centered on ethnicity.
In the article “Living Fearlessly With and Within Differences”, Desai speaks about how inequality plays a role regarding towards race, and how differences enforced her to have a particular opinion about her identity. A similar occurrence looking back in my life, as an Asian American male such as myself decided to take a different career pathway from what my parents envisioned. The main vision towards my heart’s desire was to become a well-known personal trainer or to pursue my passion towards the Santa Clara sheriff’s department, rather than my parents encouraging me become an elite open heart doctor. Desai showcases a

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