The Inequality Of The United States

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“Inequality in the United States has prevailed on all levels, be it the justice and legal system, or the social class. This inequality is not only the basis of discrimination, but also encourages the increase in criminalization.”

This report provides the understanding about income inequality in the United States, which shows the impact on the American conception of justice and the legal system. This book demonstrates about the divide by observing the connection among rising income inequality and the poverty criminalization as poor individuals are increasingly arrested, harassed and imprisoned for minor crimes in the United States. This report will be written in order to understand the income inequality and poverty criminalization. The correspondence is about the money that has now redefined the significance of justice with the intention to distort the notion of American citizenship. This correspondence is also about the special term used in this book which illustrates how the system works entirely.

This report will discuss number of individual as they produce their way through the legal system. It will also define how pervasive the legal system is, which is also associated to immigration, frisk and stop and the prison industrial complex. The author of this book named Tabbi also demonstrates how one misstep may have long life implications specifically when someone falls into a racial group. This book represents what has happened to America and how it…
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