The Champion City : The Key To The City

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I am from Springfield, Ohio. It is a small town that does not really have much to offer. You can reach one side of town from the other in about thirty minutes or less and we are usually known for being the city that superstar John Legend is from. We have one main high school along with a few others, one movie theatre, one mall that only consists of about 6 stores, and we have 'Friday Night Lights' where all of us come together as one and pack the stands for the weekly high school football games. To me, the key to the city represents our town and our community due to its strength, its speed, and because with any problem that is thrown at us we unlock it together as one to solve it.
Like all communities Springfield has its faults such as
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Both of those organizations are scholarship opportunities. They are organized to help students like me, whose parents have no educational background further than high school get a chance to go to a college or university for a reduced or even free tuition and luckily I was one of the few to receive a full scholarship to two colleges in order to pursue my goal of being a math teacher, and hopefully I will be able to go back and teach the kids of my future community.
Education and innovation are both a major focus in Springfield. In high school all of us students received Apple MacBook Air's so that we could all have a chance and learning in a technology based way and just so that we could be more prepared for college by doing online work such as submitting assignments, writing papers, etc. They were free to all students and paid for through the citizens of Springfield and some students even had the option to buy them for a incredibly low price when compared to buying one at the store.
Another resource available in strengthening education and knowledge of technology was the opening of a downtown building called The Dome or other known as the Get Career Connected center. They decided to use the old South High school as its location which was also being used for a new high school called STEM which gave kids the ability to focus on STEM field subjects more hands on.
The community wanted a place for kids
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