The Change Into Pop Culture Through Media And Other Forms

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Raunchy Liberation Raunchiness has worked its way into pop culture through media and other forms. Which brings up the question: can raunchiness be empowering? Levy looks at how a portion of women are raunchy, and she found that its use can be almost derading to some women. This viewpoint is made obvious when she finishes her article with “[i]t is worth asking ourselves if this bawdy world of boobs and gams we have resurrected reflects how far we’ve come, or how far we have left to go” (131). Yet, there are levels of raunchiness that I believe are liberating for many groups of people, not only women. The feminist movement showed the world that women have had enough of being sheltered. Of course, many rights were then given to them, then it translated to African-American equality and most recently gay rights. Many historic events happened in the 60s that led for a more accepting and open-minded world than it was previously. So in this new found freedom, where is the line for raunchy and liberated? “[O]nly thirty years ago,… our mothers were ‘burning their bras’ and picketing Playboy, and suddenly we were getting implants and wearing the bunny logo as supposed symbols of our liberation,” here, Levy shows a little disgust in how some woman behave (129). What she fails to see, is that if a woman got implants and wore short shorts thirty years ago, a pastor would be giving them a private sermon the second they got home from being in public. The pastor’s kid, for example, who
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