Essay on The Changing World of Work

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The Changing World of Work

For this assignment the aim of the report it going to focus and explain on how such organisations benefit from career management and in what ways career management benefits individuals. The demand for excellent people is always high but the supply, unfortunately, always falls well short of demand. The naturally excellent sales person, manager, accountant and so on, is already working for someone else perhaps in his or her own business and there is short fall for experienced qualified individuals that some of these firms and companies are looking for, so this assignment will explain how career management is very beneficial for people planning there career and how it is
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When you start your career planning, or access the University’s careers guidance service, you should remember it is not just about helping you to choose a career or find a job. It is equally about equipping you with the skills and attitude to seek out information and to become more self-confident and self-reliant. Career management benefits you to develop a clear understanding of what you are good at, what you like doing and equally what you don’t and to understand your own values and aspirations, to weigh up the pros and cons of a course of action and to plan for the future. It is not simply a case of the job you can get with a particular degree, but more importantly it is about what job and career you want to pursue and why.

In many cases this will enable you to get your first job. It will be a job, where you will have to work hard for relatively little pay, but you will gain work experience. After 18 months to two years you will probably change jobs to get more experience and reckon to get your first good career grade job when you are aged 26-30.

In other cases you will take a further qualification immediately after your first degree. It could be a change of direction towards qualification in law, finance, business, accounting, administration, teaching, medicine, or research;
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