The Chaos Of The World Trade Centre

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This is chaos, a catastrophe. A commercial airliner has smashed into the side of the north tower of the World Trade Centre, right below me, for reasons unknown. I’m standing here. Right by the window, simply screaming, screaming and shouting; desperately hoping for another chance at life. Below me they’re running; they don’t see me. I’m an insignificant life, hanging out of this window, desperately begging for someone to save me. I’ll never stop. I’ll never give up. I’m a fighter, ready to keep fighting, fighting for my life. Behind me, the office floor is slowly filling up with darkness. Thick, gloomy, darks clouds of ash and dust consume each desk, devouring, like a monster, at the workspaces where we were working at just moments ago.…show more content…
But they must! I don’t want give up, not now, not yet. More sirens, more fire alarms, more noise. Peace has evaporated into thin air; it is nowhere. Below raging infernos tear at the building, ripping and ravaging, taking all in its path. A thick cloud of petroleum rises from below… Bang! Bang! Bang! Below me, the fuel of the crashed plane has ignited, sending even thicker clouds, filled with the souls of the unfortunate, shooting upward. I feel the aftermath. The building shakes, softly, yet still strong enough to strike fear into my heart. My heart is racing, beating like a drum. Outside I want to cry, but inside, my fire is burning stronger. I’m not ready to give up, no, not yet. To my left another American airliner cruises by, its engine a powerful droning noise, yet not strong enough to block out the sirens from below and behind. I wonder why it flies so close, so close to our building. I shut my eyes, scared of the future. The plane drifts and smashes into the other tower, the aftermath sending shockwaves, one after another. Bang! Bang! Bang! More explosions, more smoke. This terror is unfolding. It’s been nearly forty-five minutes since evacuation started after we were hit, surely there cannot be more. Who could do this? Who could steal the lives of hundreds in just a single day? Who, and why? I look up, searching for hope, looking for something or someone to save me. I see nothing. Nothing but darkness and the dead.
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