The Character Of Sookan In 'Year Of Impossible Goodbyes'

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In the memoir Year of Impossible Goodbyes, Sookan changes from someone who is dependent and becomes someone who is courageous. This change is seen in three moments: when Sookan constructs the glass and rock round and dull, when Sookan preserves her food when trying to flee to the south, and when Sookan took care of Inchun while fleeing to the South. An example of Sookan being courageous is at her Japanese school and the children are in the schoolyard. The glass and the rocks are being sharpened by the children to fight off the “white devils,” but Sookan decides to make the glass and rocks round and dull. This situation has changed Sookan because at the beginning of the story, she wouldn't have dared to do this because she was so frightened
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