Beloved Character Analysis

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In the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison the character Sethe is faced with the traumatic experience of having to return to slavery at Sweet Home, in order to save her children she attempts to kill them. She succeeds in killing one by cutting the infant’s throat with a hacksaw. This “rough choice” revolves around the novel on whether or not, the choice was right or wrong. Sethe’s tough choice between the right or wrong in the murder of her child is right and was necessary for her to insure the safety of her children, to express her motherly love, and to become a strong figure in her children's lives. Sethe’s “rough choice” was the right choice because she did it to ensure the safety of her children. In Sethe’s view, “How if I hadn’t killed …show more content…

Another example of motherly bonds is when Baby Suggs explains that she never felt like a mother because before she could love her children they were taken away from her. Morrison’s point is that a slave woman would oftentimes have their babies taken from them and sold to white slave owners for money, never being able to see them ever again. According to Sethe she was lucky to be married for six years and that man fathered all of her children. This exemplifies how close Sethe could have been with her children because she able to be a part of their life. What is important, is that Sethe got to experience the motherly bond of keeping her children and not having to be afraid of ever losing them. It follows Sethe’s role and the choices that she had to take control of because she did not have a masculine figure in her life. Sethe always knew that her children were the only good and pure part of who she is and she knew that she had to be the master of her children's fate, there by taking on the motherly and fatherly role. According to Sethe, “What he know about it” (239). This means that Sethe feels that Paul D does not know anything about love or about willingly giving things up. This demonstrates the strengths that Sethe have over Paul D even though she is a woman. Another example of Sethe “In a mans world” is when Baby Suggs tries to compare the difference between a

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