The Characteristics And Stereotypes Of Latinos El Bandido

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Reports show that Latinos are the most underrepresented ethnic group in film affected by stereotypical issues shown via pictures in our heads and through watching. I concur with this information as stereotype starts from a personal level, which is definite through meditation, this does not include all the negative traits portrayed by the out-group. Although we have some general stereotypical agreements within in-groups that cannot change. This stereotyping is evident in a case where a foreigner defines Bandido accurately while a (North) American will involve them with laziness, being dirty and all sorts of negativity on them. These findings make me feel that Latinos and Americans will always be contrary to their film industry. The stereotype on Latinos el Bandido is based not only on ethnic but also behavioral, where they are deemed violent and antisocial, different nationality, as in not belonging to the North America and psychological where they are associated with alcoholic, prostitution and being unstable. With this stereotype, Hollywood is seen as a perfect example of the filmmaking and professionalism, in a way this demeans the Latinos effort in the film. Stereotypical images are in the cinematic register where they are intentionally included to make film sale and also to be critical in the narration process. Hollywood stereotyping Latino’s poet is common in many films displaying poverty and crime as part of their livelihood. Moreover, they use standard films
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