The Characteristics Of A Good King And Macbeth

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Throughout history, all countries were once ruled by a leader. In European countries, the king ruled over his land. Every European country has dealt with a good king or a bad king. Good kings rule their land with strength, wisdom, and generously. If the king does not rule with these characteristics, he rules his kingdom with greed, cruelty, and over ambition. The epic poem, Beowulf and the Shakespearean play, Macbeth provide examples of both a good king and a bad king. In the excerpt from Joseph Ellis’ Founding Brothers entitled, “The Farewell”, George Washington, America’s first president, is portrayed as having the characteristics of a good king. George Washington could be considered a “good king” as is Hrothgar, Duncan and Beowulf. Washington’s legacy in American history is immortal. His legend lives on forever as being the president of the United States. In the Anglo-Saxon era, the goal of a king was to remain immortal by being remembered. As shown in Beowulf, King Beowulf wanted to remember as a heroic leader. In his speech he stated that “[w]hen a warrior is gone, [glory] will be his best and only bulwark” (Beowulf 1389). Beowulf died honorably and his people remembered him by giving him a tower in remembrance of his heroic deeds to his country and people.Similarly George Washington is also remembered for his noble deeds toward the United States. In America, Americans recognize George Washington as both a general and the first president of the United

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